Mighty Men of Valor

Mighty Men of Valor

The Mighty Men of Valor was founded by Pastor Rudolph White, Jr. 

 The Mighty Men of Valor are a unique group of men with a very special bond, in which a special covenant is shared by the Mighty Men.  The covenant reads as follows…

"You will never knowingly suffer at my hands.  I will never say anything or do anything to hurt you.  I will always, in every circumstance, seek to help and support you.  If you are down and I can lift you - I will do that.  If you need something and I have it, I'll share it with you.  If I need to, I will give it to you.  No matter what I find out about you, no matter what happens in the future - either good or bad- my commitment to you will never change and there is nothing you can do about it because I am a MIGHTY MAN OF VALOR!"


28 January 2020


Strength, Knowledge, Valor

“Christian Bible Church is exactly what my family and I were looking for and needed. We are thankful for the amazing staff.” 

  Brushard Higgins - member for 9 yrs

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