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History of our Church

IN APRIL OF 1986, Christian Community Church was organized by Rudolph White, Jr.  Our church was a missions church of Southway Baptist church under the Union Baptist Association. We were organized under the auspices of the Southway Baptist Church, but were not sponsored by them or any other church. We functioned as an independent entity. The first worship was held with 10 people and began April 6, 1986 at 7:00 am that Sunday morning.


IN APRIL OF 1987, Christian Community Church underwent a name change becoming Christian Bible Church, we were organized with the goal to minister to the Missouri City community, however, at the time, no building could be obtained in Missouri City.  Until a location could be found in the Missouri City area the church operated from a storefront on South Braeswood.


IN NOVEMBER OF 1990, Christian Bible Church moved into Hunter’s Glen Elementary School in the Missouri City area and the church then purchased about 6 acres of land on Highway 2234…it was with great excitement the vision began to unfold.


IN FEBRUARY OF 1994, the church began its first building project and completed it within the same year and a 15,000 square foot facility was erected.  The church had a 15 year mortgage on this new facility but with the vision of Pastor White and support of the members the mortgage was retired by the seventh year.


IN DECEMBER OF 2000, we started our United We Build Campaign.  The prayerfully planned campaign was the beginning of the next phase of the vision unfolding.


IN APRIL OF 2001, Christian Bible Church purchased 25 acres of land; in the Missouri City area in preparation to move and build a new campus/ facility to accommodate the much needed classroom space. 



IN APRIL OF 2008, Christian Bible Church sold their first church building and temporarily moved into their smaller annex that they own which backs up to their 25 acres of property.



IN DECEMBER OF 2009 in preparation of the fulfillment of the vision the Ground Breaking Ceremony took place on the site of their future home.   The new facility will sit on 10 of their 25 acres. (The remainder of the property will be used / sold as commercial land).


IN MARCH OF 2012, the Vision of Christian Bible Church came to fruition and we now reside in our new facility located at 3222 Texas Parkway in Missouri City, Texas.  The new facility is approximately 40,000 square feet which includes executive offices, 27 class rooms for adults, teens and children, a bookstore, a full size gymnasium, a plays cape, a café and much more.




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